Foley's Glory

Robert Foley Vineyards - Charbono 2004

Oh dear God... I believe I'm in love.

I've heard the lore about Bob Foley's wine but, have not until now experienced the pleasure. Tonight, a 375ml bottle of Charbono was on the block.

First upon opening, the cork made an impression; a darker brown with a high-gloss finish and nearly 50% longer than most driven corks, even on 750ml bottles. The amount of sediment this wine has thrown in its 4+ years is amazing. Indeed, an unfiltered and dense masterpiece.

As I poured, the deep, opaque, inky color shimmered. Nearly black with purple tinged edges, this wine allows no light to pierce its robust body.

Jamming my nose into the glass I immediately get layers of dark chocolate, dried plums and licorice mixed with hints of coffee, cedar, leather, vanilla and spice notes.

Full and elegantly smooth, this wine dances... Make no mistake, this is a new world wine with a powerful profile however, the genius is in how the zesty acidity sneaks in to offer judicious balance.

Fine-grained tannins give the appropriate amount of grip while the wine glides across the palate. This little monster offers complex black fruit flavors echoing the nose and opening deeper with touches of blackberry liquor and mocha on a prolonged, 3 minute plus finish.

Excellence. Simply put.