Wine Bloggers Conference

Barry Schuler (former CEO of AOL and now VC and Vintner) addresses the crowd on new technologies and how they apply to the business of wine. The Wine Bloggers Conference is indeed up and running at full speed.

This man is passionate and can read an audience. Humor is just as important as knowledge when commanding a room.

Key take aways: Right now, we're going through "Death Valley," where traditional media is deflating faster than new models are being developed. Today's new business model is "if they come, we will build it!" We've gone from broad to narrow to micro and now, nano casting. The message continues to get more fragmented; however, every downturn leads to opportunity. Wine Bloggers are reshaping the media industry and so long as they stay passionate, build a brand, tell the story well and continue to survive - they may ultimately thrive.

Disaggregation and fragmentation is bound to consolidate in a new form with time... Those that stay strong will be the victors who cash in on the opportunity.